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luomo2.jpgLuomo geistert zur Zeit durch alle Magazine. Alle möchten ein Stück vom Kuchen: Groove, De-Bug, Intro, Spex... Alle arbeiten sie sich an der Frage ab: Was ist passiert? Warum klingt Luomo so anders als erwartet. Phlow reiht sich ein, denn wir waren auch verblüfft.

Leider liegt unser Interview schon ein wenig länger in unserem Postfach. Wir schämen uns, streuen uns Puderzucker auf die Nase und niessen als Strafe.

Nichts desto trotz lohnt es sich mit dem Phänomen Luomo auseinanderzusetzen. Denn spätestens die Platte (Phlow-Plattenkritik), die adhoc kommerzielle und lange nicht mehr so deep wie der Vorgänger klingt, wirft einige Fragen auf. Obendrein war der Finne sehr tippfreudig...

Phlow: If I listen to your old album and than to the new songs the most striking fact at first are the vocals. This time you mixed them mainly direct in front of the tracks. You don't hide the vocals in the back except vocal-snippets and -effects. They are more "present"? Why?

Vladislav Delay: I wanted to approach the whole concept very different from vocalcity. I am influenced a lot by rnb, hiphop, pop, etc, especially how they produce the vocals. I got bored of this serious computer sounding minimal whatever clicky ´club` stuff, and just wanted to experiment more on this pop influence I had in mind, and to have real vocals and soul in there, but at the same time to play around with the vocals in new ways.

I didn´t wanna hide the vocals anymore. I knew what I wanted to say and how I wanted to present that with vocals.

Phlow: Your album is more Pop than ever? Is this album an experiment to enter the charts with intelligent club-music?

luomo.gifVladislav Delay: It is an experiment with pop music. But there is no function with charts and experiment.

Though if it got more wider recognition, I think it´ll be good if people then hear the album more detailed at home or whatever with this poppy sounding stuff but it just goes a lot further, or has this other side of things in there. The experimental, delay thing, whatever. Which I wanted not to be in your face anymore.

Phlow: To me it is amazing to follow your works from chain reaction to the presence force inc/modul/bmg. It seems that there are worlds between your releases. Where would you say is the hidden path, the combination of those worlds? Or did you just change the focus?

Vladislav Delay: I didn´t change my focus. I am trying to grow personally and musically and find it very important not to repeat myself. I am trying to find new or interesting ways for me to search and represent myself musically, and to experiment, enjoy, have fun while doing it or after having done it.

I more and more view the whole thing as producing different things; my different solo works as well as collaborating with other people and producing other artist´s material.

I love doing various different projects and works and experiments.

luomo1.jpgPhlow: Your album "Present Lover" had several delays. Did you work on the sounds and songs again and again or why had the fans to wait so lang?

Vladislav Delay: I started a company 2 years ago in finland with some of my friends doing audio/technology for mobile and such platforms, and that has been taking my time a lot. But it frees myself from the pressure to do music for living. I also moved from finland to berlin where I finished the record when I wasn´t travelling and working. I had to get some studio together here at my flat, and mostly, I wanted to experiment with the songs, and to have an album in the end which i´m complitely happy without any rush or pushing.

Phlow: Could you introduce this company a little bit more? What is it? What is your function? Is it interesting for you to shape music so much, that it also sounds with minimal-euqipment like a cell phone or a pda? What sounds do you create for the company or don't you create any sounds?

Vladislav Delay: I am partly interested in lifestyle, sociology, consuming habits, etc etc, and also like to observe also how music and art shape into that and exist in there.

I wanted since a long time already to also produce content for mediums where it is not branded as music and there are no interviews and press and so on. It doesn´t matter if it´s at the airport, ralph lauren store or new nokia mobile. Nobody knows who made them, at best people don´t think of them as music anymore but rather functional sounds which is a concept I like a lot. Through my company I research this medium and create content as well.

Phlow: Was it a big pressure on you that so many people adored and praised "Vocalcity"?

Vladislav Delay: It was more a personal pressure. Although there was this fact that vocalcity was treated as something I didn´t stand behind, ie. I wasn´t happy with the album while people listening it were. But in the end it was doing something I was happy with, otherwise it wouldn´t make sense to do this.

Phlow: Why didn't you stand behind "vocalcity"? Could you explain yourself a little bit more?

I did vocalcity in a rush and mainly in a state I can´t remember anymore. In the end when I saw the cd and heard it I didn´t like it, it wasn´t what I had in mind to create. New one sounds a bit like I wanted vocalcity to sound.

luomo4.jpgPhlow: You now live in Berlin. Did the city and its current music culture influence your work? Why did you move to Berlin?

Vladislav Delay: I moved here to live with my girlfriend. When i´m in berlin I stay home and in the studio and do not attend what berlin has to offer. I´m quite a workaholic and also travel extensively around the world so i´m more than happy to have it that way here. I guess eventually the city will have it´s minor influence, and will provide some collaborations, but there is this still major influence from going from one city to another constantly. That is something I praise. it keeps me refreshed and updated to see different places and cultures and people, opens up my view.

Phlow: What is coming next?

Vladislav Delay: Some reggae/dub productions. Hiphop. New delay. Some rmxs and 12s. And more.


Phlow: First of all: are you an auto-didact or how did you learn to work with mixing desks and synths and samplers?

Vladislav Delay: I´m complitely self-taught. When I sold my drums etc and got my first midi things It was total hell. I was expecting sound to travel via midi cables and I had total nightmare for more than a year. Was just too spaced out in a small town in finland to get any information. Which was good in the end. I was late-born with the whole techno etc scene. Got my first computer after vocalcity though I borrowed one for making it.

Phlow: With which equipment do you normaly work?

Vladislav Delay: It´s been changing all the time. Currently I don´t have much stuff at all. Logic seems to be one instrument I am happy to work with.

Phlow: Which is your prefered hard- or software?

Vladislav Delay: logic5. Eventide orville.

Phlow: When you begin to create a new track, where do you begin, have you some strategies? Do you try first melodies, or effects or...

luomo3.jpgVladislav Delay: I don´t approach making the music with rules. I appreciate it being a personal thing which gives me so much back while doing it, and I just enjoy finding new things and ways of doing music. And producing music, having concepts and creating finished products.

I almost always have an image, clear one, of something I wanna do and create. There just comes a need or an idea to do something and I enjoy very much this first stage of it, just creating the whole concept in my head. After that it´s a process of producing it, and it might begin with lyrical idea I have, from the vocal hook, some strange sound or sample, etc etc.

It´s weird though that even though I allow much freedom for accidents and like using them in the process, and try to update the production, still in the end the result sounds very close to what I had in the mind in the beginninging.

Phlow: How important is technology for you?

Vladislav Delay: Secondary.

Phlow: Your tracks seem always have a vibrant inner life with lots of layers, delays and filters on top. How do you develop this atmosphere of ever changing sounds, which instruments and equipment do you use?

Vladislav Delay: I don´t program or use midi. I don´t use plug-ins. I don´t use these music-killing software creations for home djs and tekno-stars. I play and make sounds live and improvise as much as possible. And just spend a lot of time and effort to make it sound like I want. I have been using different instruments and gear during the years and I guess it doesn´t matter that much what you use and we are all using the same gear anyway, I guess. But logic is something I couldn´t work without on most what I do. I use lots acoustic stuff, percussions, voices, etc.

Phlow: That seems like you sample yourself or musicians quite a lot. What is strange to me is, that nevertheless your music sound really artificial and electronic. Could you just describe a little bit you use acoustic stuff and tune it in logic?

It´s basically treating the sounds as human, where ever they come from. I manipulate and play sounds live rather than program them, and in the end it doesn´t really matter if it´s a human voice or synth sample what you´re triggering. It´s all audio.

Phlow: When you perform live, is it the same installation like in your studio? Or do you reduce the equipment?

Vladislav Delay: I couldn´t make the music ´live` as it is in the studio. I have 2ghz mac w/ 1200gb of firewire hard drives. Logic with +100 tracks.

Live. I prefer dubbing and mixing the songs, playing with them and creating atmospheres and so forth. I use hardware roland multitrack for the main stuff and use laptop for vocals and fx.

Phlow: How important is the live performance for yourself as an producer and human beeing?

Vladislav Delay: It is important as being one main way for me being connected to outside world at all. And also as a producer it is a major part of the production. I don´t see live playing as a promotional and record-selling thing which it of course is, but I appreciate the possibility to test my tracks in the production phase and see what works and what not.

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want to tell you that the vladislav delay interview was excellent. nice

meint: Brandon am 26.06.03

Is Luomo the electronic Mozart? it´s a difficult question to answer. Anyway, what we have to get into account is that his music goes beyond the simplicity of the four to floor rythm.
I adore his music; it releases my mind to the everyday life.
After a day of working i like to go home and play music: A little bit of Coltrane, Bowie, Marley, VU and so on. It is surprising that Present Lover is leaving aside most of the time i dedicated to listen albums of those artists and that is ´cause it worth it!!

meint: israel duchement am 19.10.04

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