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caro1.jpg"Wer ist das?", mag sich der/die Eine oder Andere fragen. Im letzten Jahr veröffentlichte sie auf Temporary Residence (Brooklyn/NY) 3 Tracks und in wenigen Tagen wird das Album "Murmurs" folgen. Auf den Verdacht hin, dass dieses einschlagen wird wie eine Bombe (darf man das überhaupt noch sagen?), haben wir uns auf die Überholspur begeben und Frau Lufkin einfach interviewt.

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Stop. Bevor Ihr weiterlest solltet ihr (falls ihr es nicht schon vor einem halben Jahr getan habt) unbedingt dieses MP3 herunterladen:

Caroline - Where Is My Love

und natürlich anhören. An dieser Stelle besten Dank an Andreas für die Verlinkung des MP3s im letzten Jahr, denn sonst würde es dieses Interview hier nun nicht stehen.

Caroline lebt in LA, veröffentlicht auf einem New Yorker Plattenlabel, hat eine in Japan berühmte Schwester, einen Universitätsabschluß in Musik und singt in japanischen Automobil-Werbespots. Nachdem man ihre eigene Musik gehört hat, sagt man erstmal garnichts mehr und will mehr davon. Braucht es noch mehr Gründe für ein Interview? Nein.

Das Interview

Do you hate being compared to other musicans?

I don't hate it and I don't love it. In reality, we're all influenced by many things (including other musicians) whether we know it or not. but, sometimes I feel people can go over-board with comparing/analyzing music and artists. It's just music! I say, love it or leave it.

Tell us about your favourite instruments, both analog and digital. Why do you like the sounds they make.

I love sampling toys and manipulating them. For my birthday, I was given a toy grand piano. It sounds like creepy circus music. So cool.

The information about you at wiki.theppn states, that you became interested in music when listening to classical music played by your parents. What music did they listen to?

Lots of the mainstream classical. Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikovsky etc.

Reading through the text that is already on the web about you and your music I found this statement from your record label: "[...] elicits that rare EVERYONE HAS TO HEAR THIS RIGHT NOW response that bounces inside your head when you hear music [...]".

This is almost exactly what happened to me shortly after having downloaded your free mp3-file of "Where Is My Love". Infact your music was recommended to me by a weblog that appears at a very high postion when entering your name plus MP3 at the google search engine. Do you sometimes enter your own name in search engines to see if there are any new pages that recommend your music and if so, do you leave quietly with a smile or drop a comment?

Lots of the time, my friends/fans will email me links of reviews. I try not to pay attention, but it's hard not to wonder how people are responding. I admit to having little peeks. I don't leave messages.

A quote from the Temporary Residence Website: "If you haven't already become obsessed with her via the various file-sharing worlds". This sounds a little bit if they have put your music into the file-sharing-world - almost like a guerilla- or viral-marketing-strategy. Do you care, if people share your music and recommend it by giving it away for free?

I have no problem with putting songs up for download.

How many records did you buy last year (2005) just because you had free audio-files of some of some tracks in advance that made you like the music and buy the record in the end? I'm asking, because that is what I discovered on myself. If there had not been a free "Where Is My Love"-file, i would not have ordered your record.

Tons. My sis, bro and i send each other mp3s of artists we discover. and we have all bought many cds from hearing a track or two.

Name the 3 favourite records, that you bought last year and what made you buy them!

Colleen - The Golden Morning Breaks
Bola - Gnayse
Murcof - Martes

I always preview records online somehow. These albums create their own worlds !!

Your last name does not really sound like it's from Japan. There is a city in Texas, called Lufkin. I'm a little bit confused. Where does it come from, what does it mean and why are you not using it as an artist.

Oh yes I heard about that lufkin, texas. Well i'm half japanese and half american. Lufkin is from my dad's side/american side. Good question, I don't know why I'm not using my last name. People use it anyway. Usually like this: Caroline (aka Caroline Lufkin)

I've seen that Alva Noto is among your list of favourite artists. Have you seen some of his visual work?

I've heard about his visuals/installations, but never had the opportunity to see anything live! Boo.

Favourite art exhibition you have attended last year?

Mark Ryden exhibition here in LA.

Favourite artist you would like to work with?

Sofia Coppola or Julie Verhoeven

Do you download free music on the internet? If so, are there any links you would like to share with the world? Any undiscovered music that needs an audience?

Hmm. I don't download free music too much. Mostly because I love listening to music in its full quality... Most online formats sound too thin. But I discover lots of artists through online streaming,,, lastfm etc.

Where do you think you would be right now, if the internet would not have been invented? How much do you make use of networks, weblogs, podcasts?

Oh dear, sadly, the internet is a huge part of my life. I think most of my fans have discovered me from the net! I try to keep up with my blogs, and keep my website fresh if there was no internet, it would be all about touring!!

Do you think you can make a living from your music?

I honestly have no clue. We'll see!!!

I've listened to some of the music you have done for japanese car-commercials. Do you like the music you do for these commercials or is it just a way of making money that you need to do the things you really want to do?

A way to make money and to allow myself time to compose and survive!!

How did you get into that business?

While I was living in Tokyo, I put ads up in search of musicians to play out with. Instead, I got an email from this agency asking if I was interested in singing.

10 "words" from me. your answer needs to be one word only. Don't think too much. It's supposed to be a little bit like a tennis match with the ball changing colour on the way back to me. Ofcourse you're allowed to return the words without a change.

Let's go:

"lali puna"




















Thanks for taking the time.


Caroline [at]
Caroline [at]

"Murmurs" von Caroline erscheint Anfang März 2006 bei Temporary Residence.

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Viva-Teeny-Pop für Laptop-User. Wo soll da noch gleich die Bombe einschlagen? ;-)

meint: gonzo am 23.02.06

wer das mag, findet "hanne huckelberg" bestimmt auch gut.

meint: geraeusche am 23.02.06

teeny-pop finde ich etwas hart, aber aufregend ist tatsächlich anders. i stick to natasha bedingfield, wenn's schon reiner pop sein muss.

meint: Sven Swift am 23.02.06

caroline hat mir im letzten herbst den ein oder anderen tag versüßt. ist eben geschmackssache, aber die frau kann einfach singen. ist ein sehr melancholischer song, mit etwas kitsch. musik ist wie immer geschmackssache.

meint: mo. am 24.02.06

erinnert ein klein wenig an MUM..gefällt

meint: nappunk am 24.02.06

Sogar besser als Piana!

meint: 02020 am 24.02.06

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